About The Site

Greetings, fellow audiophiles! My name is Gavin Gaddis, and I review podcasts.

Since 2011 I’ve been employed to have an opinion on entertainment and industry goings-on, including two collegiate newspapers and a local free magazine. I even managed to win first and third place in the 2016 Indiana Collegiate Press Association yearly awards (ask me about the winners sometime, one’s got a swear in it).

In 2018 I launched The Pod Report as a place to review podcasts young and old, with a focus on promoting smaller indie shows. You won’t find a negative review or op-ed on this site, save for the occasional issue demanding discussion.

If you’d like to tuck in on the website proper, I’ve sorted things into handy categories up above. If you’d like to find other things I work on in addition to The Pod Report, check out the My Projects tab.