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Hello there! My name’s Gavin Gaddis, I’m the person behind this little website. The Pod Report is, at its core, a blog where I post reviews of media I really enjoy (mainly podcasts, hence the name) as well as opinion pieces about topics relevant to the podcasting industry.

In addition to this opinion-based writing I also produce a few series of my own, an updated list of which can be found down below! Thanks for stopping by!

Podcasts I Produce

Standard Docking Procedure is a sci-fi sitcom set on a space station – a location scientifically proven to make things cooler – that promises to never bum you out. Follow the adventures of Tiff, a hot mess of a station traffic controller, as she solves the various wacky emergencies that stretch her job definition beyond its breaking point. Find out more at!


Join podcast journalists Wil Williams and Gavin twice a month as they come together to discuss shining moments in their pod-fan lives, discuss topics relevant to podcasting, share new shows they’ve found, and make at least two horrible puns per episode.

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A sex-positive erotica review podcast dedicated to giving the coolest, wackiest, weirdest short stories their moment in the spotlight! Tune in each Tuesday to hear us bring the irreverence and comedy necessary to review absurd, wonderful dirty stories.

It’s also super duper on hiatus so, yeah. Not uploading.

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