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The Pod Report is a part-time endeavor of love. I love hearing new shows, I love reviewing them, I love writing about the industry. That said, please do keep in mind this is the work of one person with nearly 300 subscriptions.

Every submission is much appreciated, and I’ve found some of my favorite indie podcasts via kind folk submitting shows through my form, just know if I do enjoy your project it might be a hot minute before I get around to writing something.

My Review Ethics

I will likely not review a podcast for any of the following reasons:

  • The creator has a history of abusive/violent/offensive etc. behavior towards others in the podcasting community.
  • I knew the creator outside of podcasting prior to the show’s production.
  • The show is produced or prominently features a creator I have done paid work with in the past. Indie audio fiction producers have quite an incestuous industry setup and everyone’s working with someone at some point. If the podcast is something I feel like writing about (big if) there will be a big-ass qualifier on the post explaining my prior relationship.
  • The podcast is a relatively small production that I didn’t like.

This site exists to promote podcasts that move me and shows that others need to hear about. On the rare occasion I write something with a strong critical slant, it’s because a larger producer puts out worth critiquing or I’ve noticed a recurring problem. There’s nothing to be gained by my dunking on your new show because I didn’t dig it. We’re all here to make good shows and have fun, life’s too short.

Potential Roadbumps

The following is a partial list of genres/show topics that, unless done spectacularly well there are a lot of tropes in these types of podcasts that generally cause me to bounce off.

True Crime.

I love true crime content, I really do, but there is enough murder porn in the world. If you’ve got a true crime show to recommend to me that both has an interesting story to tell, doesn’t lionize murders, spread copaganda, or fetishize victims of crimes, I might be into it.

People Talkin’ About Stuff™

If the pitch for a show is “just me and some friends talkin’ about stuff” it’ll be an uphill battle to get me interested. I totally get the interest in turning on a podcast with friends chatting about random topics to act as a sort of surrogate conversation, audio popcorn. As someone who actively listens to podcasts, that niche was cornered a long time ago. If you have a cool hook/focus, hit me up.

What I Generally Like

Well-researched Nonfiction

I talk about Criminal, Flash Forward, and Ologies a lot for a reason. They’re well-presented, tightly edited, ethical, and well-researched.

Actual play with passion

I love actual play, I even love table talk and dice sounds in the mix. I know it’s a hot topic for some, but I enjoy it. What I don’t dig is AP that goes for two hours an episode but only has thirty minutes of forward momentum. Or AP featuring players who’re kinda just there to be there.

Bonus points if your series isn’t Fantasyland or brings a fresh take on the generic TTRPG fantasy setting.

Fun Games

Fuzzy Logic, Hey Riddle Riddle, Beyond Beyond Belief, these are all chat-heavy nonfiction shows but they have one important draw: They have a fun game built into the conversation! Improv comedy can fall flat without structure, the games motivate discussion/entertaining content.

If you’ve made it through all of this text then congratulations, the show you want to tell me about must really be worth it! You can fill out my official review request form here.

Please note: The Contact Me page exists still. If you have something big on the horizon for your podcast but you’ve already submitted it to the master form, head over to that contact page and shoot me a message that way!