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Podcasts are free, time isn’t. It takes anywhere from one sitting to ten hours to get a review ready for posting online. Reviewing is what I’m good at, I’ve won state-level collegiate press awards for theatre and movie criticism, but it’s also not a gig that pays a lot.

If you would like to support what I do here at The Pod Report (as well as the four podcasts I’m currently producing) there are several things you can do that really help.

The Free Options

Follow me on Twitter, your engagement helps my posts get seen when I throw up new reviews.

Listen to my podcast about podcasting, Tuned In, Dialed Up. Produced with the wonderful Wil Williams, Tuned In, Dialed Up is a podcast about podcasting by two podcast journalists. If you like this website you’ll like TIDU.

Follow my Patreon. Even if you don’t feel like supporting me financially, I post free stuff to my Patreon feed every week or two. The Three Hour Podcast is free after a few days of patron-only access!

The Not-Free Options

Support me on Patreon!. I regularly post outtakes/extra clips from Tuned In, Dialed Up as well as occasional blogs and exclusive audio from interviews done for this website.

For a more immediate option you can send me a Ko-Fi! Every little bit helps and every gesture is very much appreciated.