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Podcasts are free, time isn’t. It takes anywhere from one sitting to ten hours to get a review ready for posting online. Reviewing is what I’m good at, I’ve won state-level collegiate press awards for theatre and movie criticism, but it’s also not a gig that pays a lot.

If you would like to support what I do here at The Pod Report (as well as the four podcasts I’m currently producing) there are several things you can do that really¬†help.

The Free Options

Follow me on Twitter, your engagement helps my posts get seen when I throw up new reviews.
Follow my Patreon. Even if you don’t feel like supporting me financially, I post free stuff to my Patreon feed every week or two. The Three Hour Podcast is free after a few days of patron-only access!

The Not-Free Options

Support me on Patreon. I regularly post outtakes/extra clips from my shows (namely The Red Light Libary and Tuned In, Dialed Up) as well as occasional blogs, podcast playlists, and a monthly Patreon-exclusive essay podcast called The Three Hour Show.

For a more immediate option you can send me a Ko-Fi! Every little bit helps and every gesture is very much appreciated.