‘The Sauce’, be it satire or genuine, disappoints.


The Sauce is an aggressively bland three-episode podcast produced by Studio@Gizmodo and Onion Labs, all under the watchful eye of fast-food megalith McDonald’s. Styled after Serial (and pulled off with the deftness of someone whose only exposure to investigative podcasts is Serial), the three-episode series is one of the most stunted, awkward attempts at telling a story I’ve encountered in my five-ish years of listening to podcasts. It’s so… off I sincerely can’t tell if it was supposed to be a satire of investigative podcasts, a genuine attempt at creating a quality product, or just a really weird advertisement.

Strike that last one, it is absolutely an advertisement packaged as a podcast, but we’ll get to that. To discuss The Sauce one must understand the story The Sauce is trying to tell. Fortunately, the story can be told in four paragraphs and two quotes: Continue reading